Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Business Daily Redesign

Strategic Reasons Behind the Business Daily Redesign

Data Journalism is at the center of the future direction of Business Daily, with a content angle of insightful and easily consumable data.
Performance by FellyO

I miss Concerts the Way they Were Meant to Be, A Performance

Going to a concert back in the day versus now.
Mark Zuckerberg tourist Nairobi

Why Tourists are a Bad thing for our Country

Tourists will come and drink our beer, they should stay away.
Jumia Local Kenya

Jumia Goes Local with Made in Kenya Manufacturer’s Program

Jumia's Made in Kenya program "Jumia Local" aims to get Kenyan manufacturers to showcase their Made in Kenya products on Jumia
Equity Center

Tech Plays a Major Role in Equity Bank’s 2016 Performance

Equity bank owes a huge chunk of it's profits to it's technological innovations over the past the few years especially in variable costs.
NSE Kenya

It’s About Time the Nairobi Securities Exchange Innovated

In 2016, major banks from Credit Suisse to Goldmann Sachs began to focus more on technology as their next fuel. Locally, the discussion still lingers around how many IPOs we had in 2016.
BAKE Awards 2017

Ford Sponsors Kenya Blog Awards Lifestyle Category

Ford Motor Company is the sponsor of the Kenya Blog Awards Lifestyle Category.
Jean-Christophe Quemard

Peugeot Car Assembly Coming back to Kenya with new Plant

Groupe PSA and URYSIA signed a contract on Saturday at State House Kenya to commence assembly of the Peugeot Brand in Kenya.
Resolution Insurance

Resolution Ventures into Marine Cargo Insurance

Resolution Marine Cargo, and is tailor-made for freight, logistics and shipping, clearing and forwarding companies.
Adua Office peeves

COMIC: Adua Office Peeves

Don't think everyone is from your home! People are strange out there.