Monday, July 24, 2017

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Red Dot Promotion KBL

Kericho Resident Wins Kshs 4.3m BMW in SuperMarket Shoppers Targeted Red Dot Promo

Kenya Breweries in late February launched a campaign to reward it's customers. But this was not the usual campaigns that targets consumers in pubs, restaurants...
Dating by Felly O

Adua’s Dating Life: COMIC

During a random conversation with Adua, I found out she is now dating. I was curious to know what type of man/men she liked. She said very simply, older men.
Desperate housewives Showmax

Hot new shows hitting Showmax Kenya in June

From series that you can only find on Showmax, including Kingdom, Season 3 and BBC’s Class, to classic movies like Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, to...
Rayhab Gachango Potentash

These are the top Kenyan Blogs in 2017

The 6th Kenyan Bloggers Awards was held on May 12th 2017 at Crowne Plaza hotel to recognize outstanding blogs in Kenya, here are the winners.
Business automation

Automation Can help Kenyan Businesses Keep up with Changing Payroll Legislation

Business builders and entrepreneurs don’t go into business to manage admin and red tape, which is where automation makes a difference.
South African Visa

South Africa Could Soon Scrap Visa for Africans Afterall

After being at the front of tough visa requirements for fellow Africans, South Africa could be on it's way to scrapping them entirely, mostly.
Business Daily Redesign

Strategic Reasons Behind the Business Daily Redesign

Data Journalism is at the center of the future direction of Business Daily, with a content angle of insightful and easily consumable data.
Performance by FellyO

I miss Concerts the Way they Were Meant to Be, A Performance

Going to a concert back in the day versus now.
Mark Zuckerberg tourist Nairobi

Why Tourists are a Bad thing for our Country

Tourists will come and drink our beer, they should stay away.
Jumia Local Kenya

Jumia Goes Local with Made in Kenya Manufacturer’s Program

Jumia's Made in Kenya program "Jumia Local" aims to get Kenyan manufacturers to showcase their Made in Kenya products on Jumia