Friday, March 23, 2018


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Zambia Sex doll

Zambia Crackdown Aims to Prevent Citizens from Toying with Sex Dolls

A smart sex doll can play music, talk and even turn on the dish washer among other things, and Zambia government doesn't want that.

Major Win at Oscars 2018 for Kobe Bryant, Daniel Kaluuya and...

The Oscars 2018 on 2nd March has an interesting array of winners from Jordan Peele, Daniel Kaluuya to Kobe Bryant
interracial couple emojis

This Petition Seeks to Introduce Interracial Couple Emojis

Boo and bae emojis for interracial couples coming soon, if this petition get's through.

State House Girls’ High School Trip Will be in Dubai Because...

These State House girls are gonna party like it's 1999 on their school trip, something that's a bit out of reach for the average Joe.
Rayhab Gachango Potentash

These are the top Kenyan Blogs in 2017

The 6th Kenyan Bloggers Awards was held on May 12th 2017 at Crowne Plaza hotel to recognize outstanding blogs in Kenya, here are the winners.
Mark Zuckerberg tourist Nairobi

Why Tourists are a Bad thing for our Country

Tourists will come and drink our beer, they should stay away.
Shopping with husband

A Married Men’s Guide to Selecting Bedsheets

Buying bedsheets for your house when married, is like going to war, and even then, hope for the best but expect the worst.

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