KCB Lion’s Den and my Undeserved Entitlement

There is always several ways to look at something, I realized.

KCB Lions den

I just watched KCB Lion’s Den for the 1st time last evening (24th Oct). Interesting, I thought. Being the default reaction that you have to something that you can obviously criticize but think you should reserve your comments on. Being a Kenyan Tweep (Twitter User) and an elite member (By my own declaration) of #KOT – Kenyans on Twitter,I felt that is my job, nay, my duty to tear it down for all it is or purports to be. Seriously, it is a horrible copy of the western versions Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank. The ‘Lions’ are not as eloquent and it comes off as a bit rubbery. They are trying too hard, I thought to myself and I think some of them are not even proper role models.

Of course, besides the fact that it is a copy of the western versions, I had no real data to support the other opinions that I would have very strongly put forth. But I did not. Why? to be honest, I wanted to watch a bit more to get more material for my – what do I even call it – rant? Mudslinging? Entitlement speech? Whatever I would have wanted to call it, it would not have been kind to the sponsors (KCB), the Lions and the entrepreneurs who were presenting their ideas and products to the lions in hope to get funding.

However, I watched, I stopped looking for loopholes and I sort-of stepped back to look at the whole picture. I obviously have no experience in TV production so I had no authority on that topic, my bank account will not allow me to be a Lion so I will not say I would have done a better job than them. I literally found myself at the end of it holding nothing against the show. There is of course the argument that as the consumer I can demand for better, but there goes the entitlement again. Better what?

There are people, however, I could relate to, I realized as I watched the show. The entrepreneurs. Not because I myself are a trailblazing entrepreneur but because, they are better than me. Yeah, I know I may get stripped off of my #KOT badges of honor, but I will say it. The guys that made it to the show are better than me. There is not a day that passes that I do not think of a business idea, whether I am building on a old idea or coming up with a brand new one.

Almost all of these ideas have been shelved or abandoned or written off as stupid. But that is all they have been, ideas. The guys presenting to the Lions (And lets not kid ourselves, some ideas were utter rubbish) have taken a step that I, and many others have not. They have dared to take the idea to the next level, a business. They are out there pitching what they believe and are determined to see thorough. Maybe not all will be successful, but a good number will be set on a the journey to realize their dreams.

The other interesting thing I picked from the show was this; traditional financial institutions may not fund ideas, but there are people out there who are willing to pay for them. Sure they will want a stake in your business, but that is the beauty of it, IT IS A BUSINESS! So whether the Lions in this show or other guys out there, one thing is apparent, ideas, if good enough have a monetary value. So, when I was able to look past all the useless things I was focusing on, Lion’s Den taught me a lesson and I will hold on to and hopefully I will dare to take a step.

What are your thoughts?

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