COMIC: Adua Business 101

adua business 101I once worked for a guy who had no clue what business/ entrepreneurship was all about. Of course I found out all this after being employed lol. I would never have got onto that bandwagon knowing what I know now. Anyway, he had some joker write him a business plan. The joker had promised him 100M withing 5 months! The joker had the audacity to present this ridiculous business plan to the boss and his partner.

They all somehow thought the joker was on to something. They invested what little they had and hired talent. (Me). So this is a new company, no one knows us and all the latest software and equipment we have. We start pounding doors looking for business. Business does start to trickle in, but not as fast as the joker had promised. One day the boss calls a meeting, fuming, wanting to know why his 100M is not in his account yet. I kind of felt sorry for him.

Most often we do not take time to do the ‘dirty’ work. Research. We do not plan. I know this very well, I too have started very many businesses with only one end goal, being rich! (I am sure you have guessed by now that I am not YET rich) Not taking into consideration the in-between. The in-between being time, work, struggle, perseverance.

So just because you have some savings does not mean that you are cut out to be in business. Do your research then do the time.

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