Adua’s Dating Life: COMIC

Dating by Felly ODuring a random conversation with Adua, I found out she is now dating. I was curious to know what type of man/men she liked. She said very simply, older men. She then proceeded to give me the reasons why.
  • Older men are very polite. They either have good manners or they are afraid you will run off with your agemate! They are quick to apologize and don’t give you the silent treatment.
  • When out with him and  his friends, you are the superstar techie. You spend hours helping them block people on facebook, explaining why people they do not know send them friend requests and how to download True Caller.
  • He calls you ‘Baby’ or ‘darling’ and not bae, bebe/baibe (what are those?)
  • You can have a difference in opinion and his ego will not be bruised. He is never in competition with you.
  • Always gives the best advice. He actually knows stuff about life. He is your mentor, lover and friend all rolled in one!
  • He  can handle his drink. A half a bottle of whiskey later, he is still the voice of reason.
  • He always wants to feed you. His idea of a gift is groceries.
  • You do not have to explain to him who Bobby Womack is. He knows real music.
  • He texts using full words and proper grammar.
Well, we look forward to looking in to Adua’s dating life from time to time.
Follow Adua as she goes through every day situations. She tries to see the humour in everything and uses sarcasm to help her survive life’s tough hurdles. Facebook Page.
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