Kericho Resident Wins Kshs 4.3m BMW in SuperMarket Shoppers Targeted Red Dot Promo

Red Dot Promotion KBL
(L-R) Kenya Brewaries Sales Director Andrew Kilonzo and Bavaria Auto (BMW) Sales Manager Lucy Kenji Hand Over Key To BMW X1 Winner Franklin Korir

Kenya Breweries in late February launched a campaign to reward it’s customers. But this was not the usual campaigns that targets consumers in pubs, restaurants and others in the mass market. The campaign dubbed Red Dot Promotion is the second such run by Kenya Breweries.

This was targeted at the supermarket shopper who goes to buy alcohol by the bottle or six pack together with their home shopping on their way home. This means supermarkets and petrol station outlets were the primary target here being rewarded. Of course rewarding here isn’t the only thing, encouraging these shoppers and reminding that this too is something is another outcome. Of course predetermined.

The dynamics of the promotion were scratching the red dot sticker that was to be found on either spirits Baileys, Smirnoff, Singleton, Johnny Walker Red and Black, or all the beers and ready to drink alcoholic drinks sold in cans. There was an assortment of instant prizes which included TVs and home theaters. The top prize was a BMW X1 valued at Kshs 4.3 million.

Over 290,000 customers participated in the promotion with over 11,000 winning prizes during the campaign. The first time the promotion had 78,000 participants.

This came to and end on 9th Friday when the winner of the BMW X1, a Mr. Franklin Korir from Kericho county. Korir said that when he was called by the EABL team to be informed of the win, thought this to be a prank, and even put off the idea that he’d won.

“At first, I thought the caller was playing a joke on me and so I dismissed the call. The caller, was however, persistent calling me on subsequent days relaying the same news. After consulting with close confidants, I decided to go to EABL to establish if the calls were credible. It is when I arrived at the EABL Headquarters that I confirmed that I was the winner,” said Korir.

Participating stores included Nakumatt, Chandarana, Ukwala, Uchumu, GAME, Carrefour, Quickmatt and Innscor with the last two located at petrol stations.