Whatsapp Message to Wrong Number Got this Man Hitched

Love is a beautiful thing, but a little more when someone finds it without a lot of effort. Can love blossom even from an innocent WhatsApp message sent to a wrong number? The answer is apparently Yes.

Michael Evangelou-44- from Colliers Wood in South London sent a message, which read “Girls Trip”, to a number he thought was his own as a reminder to see the film at the cinema. It sparked a conversation with a stranger and ultimately led to their marriage, independent.co.uk reported. The recipient happened to be Lina Dahlbeck-37- from Morden in south London, replied saying to Evangelou’s message saying, “Hi! Girls trip? Who’s this please? I’m guessing this was intended for another Lina”.

The pair started a conversation to try to understand what had really led to the ‘wrong recipient’ messaging.

Despite never meeting, the two chatted for most of the day before arranging to meet for a drink later that night. “We started chatting back and forth. I think if I wasn’t single I wouldn’t have continued the chat,” Dahlbeck was quoted as saying.

Just 4 hours after the ‘wrong recipient’ Whatsapp message, they were on a date. “We were convinced it was fate that had brought us together,” Dahlbeck said.

The couple got married soon after, on 7th of December. They plan on jetting off to Dubai where Dahlbeck looks forward to launch a make-up school.

“Most of our friends thought we were a bit nuts,” Dahlbeck said. She also added that both of their parents were delighted at the prospect of marriage.

“My story gives hope to everyone, never give up,” she added.

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