Kenya Wine Agencies Limited Unveils Kibao Vodka’s New Look

The new look of Kibao Vodka was unveiled on 21st March 2018 at an event held at the Kenya National Museum in Nairobi. The new look of Kibao Vodka brand features a tamper proof cap in a sleek non-refillable bottle with metallic labels.

Kibao Vodka which is known as one of the country’s top cocktail making bases is made through distillation of potatoes and has been in the market for close to 20 years. It is one of the KWAL’s Agency flagship brands and due to the company’s extensive distributor network, this drink is readily available in every corner of the country.

“Kibao has been the popular drink of choice in the vodka category among Kenyan consumers for many years,” Lina Githuka KWAL Commercial Director noted.

The new look bottle was launched through a campaign dubbed “Najitambua” which centres on the themes of authenticity, creativity and heritage. Geoffrey Oriku the Kibao Vodka Brand Manager attributed the campaign name ‘Najitambua’  to it being a reward to the hard-working & authentic Kibao consumer.

Christine Ethangatta KWAL Marketing Manager said that this year the company is focusing on developing their brands in order to ensure that they are always top of mind when it comes to the consumer. She also pointed out that the previous year, the company changed their distribution strategy by opening three new depots in a deliberate move to ensure that all products were easily available at the customers convenience.

Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL) was incorporated in 1969 and pioneered Kenya’s first commercial winery in 1982. KWAL is a beverage company that deals with both alcoholic drinks – wines and spirit and non-alcoholic ones such as grape juice & syrup.

Other iconic KWAL’s brands include Kingfisher, Viceroy, County Brandy, Hunters Choice, Amarula, Cellar Cask, Savanna Cider and many more.

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