Infinix to Mentor Needy Children on Easter in “Seed of Hope” Campaign

Infinix Seed of Hope

Mobile company Infinix will on 31st March engage in a host of activities at Emmanuel New Hope Rescue Centre in Kayole. The company plans to mark Easter with children from the rescue center in the CSR campaign dubbed Seed of Hope.

Infinix Mobile is asking Infinix users to join their team on that day for various activities that will include visiting the Chinese Embassy, cleaning, cooking, painting, Easter game activities, Easter gifts as well as motivational talks.

In the last 16 months the company has been engaged with the rescue center where they helped create a conducive and healthy environment for the children. The home shelters children who have been victims of crime, rape, post-election violence, HIV/AIDS and poverty.

“There’s no better way to contribute to society that investing in its future. We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. So how best can we do it other in believing the future is now?” Amos Zhou, Infinix marketing manager.

Some of the projects they participated in include;

  • A semi-permanent solution to the water problem in the home where they started a rain water harvesting project by purchasing two 20,000 liter water tanks, gutters and plumbing equipment.
  • Started a back to school project were Infinix purchases school uniforms, shoes, school stationery (exercise books, note books, pens, scientific calculators, geometrical sets and sketch books).
  • A health and fitness program where different sporting and fun activities like organizing monthly birthday parties are held, provision of personal hygiene materials e.g. toothbrushes and toothpaste, handkerchiefs, bathing basins etc.

The mobile phone brand has started the “Infinix Mentorship Program” which entails peer counselling, reproductive health education, motivational talks, sanitation and health education.

“Infinix has been a great friend and family these children for a long time now and we as a foundation feel honored to such immense support. Our children now have hope for the future because they have someone they can count on,” said Mr.Kagai, Director Emmanuel Childrens’ home.

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