Black Panther too Breaks Saudi Arabia 35 Year Movie Ban

According to Variety, Black Panther is set to be publicly screened later this month in Saudi Arabia after decades-long cinema ban. The marvel blockbuster released by Disney will be aired in Saudi Arabia by Disney’s distribution partner in the middle East- Italia Film.

Saudi Arabia had shut down all public movie theaters in 1980s in pursuit of ultraconservative religious standards with the country’s clerics being the driving force of the ban move. The clerics termed Western movies as sinful.

The 35 year ban was lifted on December 2017 by the country’s young crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as his way of transforming the society by increasing entertainment for citizens.

But Black Panther will not be the first to be aired in the country after the ban was lifted as the movie ‘The Emoji’ takes the first honor.

The highest grossing super-hero movie will take a bow at AMC’s new movie theatre in the capital of Saudi Arabia-Riyadh. AMC is a luxurious cinema in a facility that was intended to be a symphony concert hall.

With the rate that this superhero film is continuing to break records- its just April, not even half the year- Wakanda Certainly is Forever!

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