High Cost of Living Propels “How to Join Illuminati” to Kenya’s Top 10 Searched Items

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Google has released a list of most searched items in the just-concluded month of August. On that list the top 10 most popular items searched on Google were not a surprise as they were mostly trending topics and interest.

As usual, sports betting and related search terms dominated the list once again followed closely by the English Premier League with Chelsea vs Arsenal, Arsenal vs Man City and Chelsea vs Man City being the most searched matches in the country. Kofi Annan, Bobi Wine and the Weather followed each other respectively with the terms “Riparian Land” making an appearance as the sixth trending search term on Google in Kenya.

To no one’s surprise, Kobi Kihara did not miss the trending party after the now New York-based TV personality was accused of plagiarism on her Instagram account after she posted images from the web as her own. The pressure that comes with such an expose saw Ms Kihara promptly delete the said images and later on take down all her social media accounts.

In addition to this list, Google released a list of the top most searched “How to” terms and here is where the real story lies. “How to write a CV”, “How to make money online” and “How to write an application letter”, took the first three slots in this category, highlighting an increase in the number of Kenyans looking for a job.

To further cement the tough economic times, a section of Kenyans decided to skip the whole job application part and go directly to success. “How to join Illuminati in Kenya for free” and “How to be successful in life” were the ninth and tenth most search how to items in Kenya.

The other most popular search terms were dominated by people learning how to cook various foods such as pilau, pancakes, spaghetti and making cakes. Also, how to buy KPLC tokens made an appearance on this list.

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