NTSA Issues Directive on Bull Bars, LED Lights, Driver’s License and First Aid Kits


The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has issued clear guidelines on what the law says regarding; bull bars in private cars, LED lights – including flashing brake lights, the requirement of fire extinguishers and first aid kits in private cars and carrying of driver’s license.

This, the NTSA says, comes after they have received various concerns from the public regarding the issues. Through a notice to the general public, the NTSA via the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mr Edwin Mbugua, have issued clarification of the issues as follows:

Bull Bars

NTSA says that the law does not ban the use of bull bars on private cars.

LED Lights

NTSA clarified that the use of LED lights and flashing brake lights is illegal as they blind other motorists thus causing danger to other road users as per Section 55 of the Traffic Act supported by Rule 23 of the Traffic Rules.

Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kits

According to the NTSA, who quote the law – Section 55 of the Traffic Rules, private vehicles are not required to have fire extinguishers and first aid kits, the only requirement is to have lifesavers. However, PSVs are required to have all three items.

Use of Other Evidence to Prove Validity Driving License

The NTSA has said that motorist can use alternative evidence to prove that they are duly licensed to be driving. NTSA even goes ahead to encourage motorists to use their app to verify the status of their driving license in the case that evidence is required by the police.

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