PesaPal Launches a Robust iOS and Android Mobile App for Payments

Payments firm Pesapal has launched a new mobile app. Dubbed Pesapal Mobile, the tool will allow customers in Kenya perform a variety of payments, including airtime purchases for Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel lines, pay bills and school fees or buy event tickets, to mention a few.

Pesapal Mobile is available for both iOS and Android phone users. The firm says that the versatility and robustness of the app have also been supplemented with security features for the aforementioned services via M-PESA, Visa and MasterCard.

Interested users can easily save card details in the app to securely make payments within the app to their bank-issued debit and credit cards. The same can be done for M-PESA via a Safaricom number for seamless payments.

It should be noted Telkom and Airtel Kenya’s post-pay customers can also clear their bills using the app. Additional pay bill options include popular services such as DStv, GOtv, Zuku and JTL.

“Today we’re bringing the services Kenyans use on a daily basis closer, and making it easier for them to access. This app goes beyond payments, it taps into the lifestyles of local consumers by giving them access to experiences around food, entertainment and travel,” said Pesapal CEO, Mark Mwongela.

Furthermore, the app features flights on all major airlines such as KLM, Emirates, South Africa and Kenya Airways to various destinations across the globe. Local carriers such as AirKenya and Jetways are available too.

Pesapal has onboarded more than 12,000 schools that allow fee payments via mobile devices.

“As a Payment Service Provider, we also see this as an opportunity to partner with our merchants by providing a platform for consumers to access their services and offerings. This creates additional value for their businesses at virtually no cost while tapping into new market segments,” added Mr. Mwongela.

Android users can download the app here.