How to Clear Your Negative Listing From CRB (Credit Reference Bureaus)

In Kenya being listed with CRBs  (Credit Reference Bureaus) will happen if you have defaulted your loan repayments. Research shows that 500,000 people have been blacklisted with CRBs. With financial institutions opting to list loan defaulters with the CRB, it is important to clear your name from the list because the data will be used when processing loans in the future.

Now you will need to learn that the person listed is at a disadvantage, and the listing party has no motivation to remove you from the listing till they have recovered their owed monies.

So best chance here is to negotiate a payment plan, or clear the whole amount if possible. Once cleared, some lenders will ask for an extra amount to clear you. This money is given to the credit reference bureaus to process removal. Others will require you to take it up with the CRBs.

If it’s the latter, you will need a letter from the lender proving that you have cleared your dues, as well as the Kshs 2200 paid to the CRBs to clear your name.

Then is when you will get your clearance certificate which may demanded by other lenders as proof of your new credit score status.