Digitization Reduces Kenya Land Registration Process To 12 Days

Land Ministry CS, Farida Karoney
Land Ministry CS, Farida Karoney

Automation of most manual systems in the land registration process will save the landowners a whole two months to conduct the process.

The Land Ministry plans to lessen the process into three steps compared to the current nine steps to save landowners time and costs involved in land registration.

Land Ministry cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney told reporters, that starting April 2019 land registration process will take record 12 days from the current 73, recognizing the efficiency that comes with the digitization of records.

“We have interrogated the systems, we want to see what we need to do to reduce that number (of days for property registration). We have managed to look at processes we can eliminate and merge. We think we will bring that to 12 days,” said  Ms Karoney.

According to the land ministry, the current 73 days of land registration process entails, title search which takes 3 days, registration of title in 5 days, land rent clearance in 19 days, clearance of land rates 5 days, consent to transfer clearance in 9 days and requisition of file valuation in 4 days.

As of now, land rate clearance and requisition of file valuation are completed online, while a search of title, consent to the transfer, title registration, payment of stamp duty which takes 4 days and assessment and endorsement of the deal in 4 days are partially automated. Site visitations and reporting take 20 days, while the remainder of the process is manual.

“The process of applying land rent clearance, consent to transfer and valuation of stamp duty will be lumped into one procedure, taking a maximum of five days, while site visits and report writing will take a maximum of seven days seven and title registration in five days will complete the registration process,” Noted the Land Ministry CS.

In twelve days starting next month, landowners and developers will have fewer struggles with the land registration process owing to automation that will help save time.

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