Man Drives 5000 Km to Fight Google Over Deleted Youtube Account

Youtube Headquaters, California
Youtube Headquaters, California

Irked 33-year-old Kyle Long drove 5000 Km to Google’s headquarters in California, to protest over his deleted Youtube account with a single video on how to get rich quickly, with the hope that his grievances will be addressed.

Unbeknownst to him, his wife Samantha Long had deleted the video and the account from Youtube without his consent over concern about his husband’s mental state.

“I just didn’t tell him it was me taking it down because I didn’t want him losing his shit in front of my kids. He was mad initially, but I said I didn’t know what happened, ” Samantha Long told BuzzFeed News.

With a strong conviction that Youtube, officials had tampered with his account, his wife noted that he decided to pitch the contents directly to the company with the hope that it would lead to an immediate payout from Google executives, but was arrested by Mountain View police in California on suspicion of making threats against Google.

Samantha said she tried to talk him out of it and explain to him that YouTube would not pay him for the idea, but he rubbished her off.

“You can’t talk Kyle down from anything if he’s got his mindset. He told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that I didn’t have the mind that he has — that I’m not open-minded and I’m basic,” she noted

So Kyle Long left their home and headed for Google offices in Boston, before proceeding to the companies headquarters in California. Kyle told a state trooper that he was on his way to Mountain View to talk to Google executives about his YouTube channel, who contacted  Mountain View police.

A spokesperson for Mountain View police said that  Mr. Long made general threats of violence towards Google if the meeting regarding his YouTube channel didn’t go as he wanted it to. Kyle Long was taken into custody by the Mountain View Police.