Alchemist Bar in Feud Over Alleged Land Grabbing

Alchemist Bar

An alleged land grabbing attempt on Alchemist, a popular bar and grill in Westlands, prompted its management to seek immediate help from the public.

The club’s management went on to pin a tweet on their official handle to pleading with the public to make the alleged land-grabbing attempt go viral through the hashtag #stoplandgrabbbing for the situation to catch the eyes of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Ministry of land.

According to the Alchemist management, the alleged conman Mahesh Laxman Parbat, was using fraudulent means to claim the land which harbours the bar.

Mr Mahesh allegedly forged a title deed over the piece of land in Westlands where the bar is erected. The falsified documents assert that he bought the piece of land in 2002. With the help of his lawyers, he made an attempt to take over the land but failed terribly.
Last week, Mr Mahesh allegedly sent in some goons with a no court order no ID statement to possess the land, which prompted the management to seek help from the public.
The last time Alchemist hit the headlines, the management was being accused of racism against Kenyans and non-Caucasians within their premises in a Twitter uproar.
The matter has been of zero interest to Kenyans On Twitter, who have their heads buried in big national scandals, drought situation in Turkana and corruption cases that are taking a toll on the political landscape in the country.
Some though have ridiculed the management for resorting to such a desperate move, yet its customer portfolio is flooded with filthy rich folks.