AAR Goes For Sledge Hammer to Deal with Customer Service Fly

Activist Boniface Mwangi recently exposed Health Insurance firms, after falling out with his insurer whom he has been a loyal member for about nine years. The Activist was embroiled in a disagreement with AAR Insurance for defaulting his insurance cover, and considering him a new member after his cover lapsed for three months last year.

His complaint opened a can of worms, tarnishing AAR Insurance’s reputation as more victims surfaced online to tell their sufferings in the hands of the insurer.

To set the record straight and restore public confidence, AAR Insurance, flexed its Public Relation muscle by paying influencers to try and sweep the mess under the carpet by spreading the good gospel while attacking the activist under the hashtag #AARInsuranceFacts.

Kenyans On Twitter rode on the hashtag blasting the Insurance firm for handling the matter like amateurs. Most of them reacted to the fact that the brand would rather pay influencers to attack victims instead of resolving the complaint whose solution was straight forward. We sample a few of the comments.

@tommy_sichemo: Someone you officially confirmed to be your client launches a complaint with your claim office to have his hospital bill settled by AAR since you’re his insurer then you go hire social media bimbos to victimize him, Backwardness of the highest pedigree #AARInsuraceFacts

@EZRAwaCHELSKI: I will ask again, imagine if a person of Boniface Mwangi status is being treated so unfairly by AAR, what about common voiceless clients? Just imagine! #AARInsuranceFacts

@Wairimu: Happened to my dad in 2015! Despite being a member for over 25 years they refused to pay for his surgery claiming that his condition is not covered under their scheme. We had to pay medical bills of over 2M. Shame #AAR with your #AARInsuranceFacts! #HealthInsuranceFraudsters

@Kinyanboy: PR firms are in business and they at times give clients advice that is beneficial to them but injuring brand’s reputation. #AARInsuranceFacts is a classic PR flop, you don’t hire trolls to attack an individual who raised a genuine issue while most customers crying the same.

@RobertAlai: See how AAR just messes its name. The attacks on @bonifacemwangi because of issues he raised is wrong. Is this how brands operate nowadays? You raise an issue then they hire layabouts to attack you? Hey @AAR_Insurance you can do/be better. Try to cAARe!!