‘High End Store’ Madora Kenya Caught Selling Counterfeit Perfumes

Counterfeit perfumes,

Anti Counterfeit Agency (ACA) has been working up to its name this last week of April 2019, with scandalous incidents of fake products finding their way into legit markets

The Agency has seized counterfeit goods valued at an estimated Sh1.5 million after a random operation at a Karen Mall and two suspects linked to Madora Kenya arrested.

Madora a renown uptown store that sells unique fragrances and cosmetics for women, men and children in Kenya stocked with expensive French brands like  Dior, Chanel, Black Up and Givenchy, and  American Tom Ford in the Hub Karen, was caught in the fireline. Hugo and Polo cologne Brands were among the counterfeits that were confiscated by the authority in the crackdown.

Barely a day ago, five people suspected to be running an illegal lubricant oil filling plant worth Sh3 Million in Kariokor were put behind bars by officers from the Anti-Counterfeit Agency in an impromptu crackdown of the facility that disguised as a garage.

The Authority seized packaging equipment and oil from the plant together with possession of brand labels of Shell, Total Kenya, and National oil. The culprits will be arraigned in court, as noted by the agency’s Chief Inspector Ibrahim Bule.

On Monday counterfeit mobile phones worth Sh8 million nabbed from shops along Luthuli Avenue by the Agency. Six suspects were arrested during the operation and are being held at Central Police Station as the police continue with investigations.

The counterfeits had been rebranded with popular brands including Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Huawei, and Sony also mobile phones accessories such as chargers, batteries, phone covers, and earphones.

Kenyans have been urged to come out and help in the big fight against fake goods.

“This is a crackdown that will continue. The agency has now focused completely on cracking down on all illicit and counterfeit products and will get rid of all of them from the market,” he said

In an official statement by Madona posted on their twitter page, they claimed that the allegations were unfounded and that they are complying with the relevant authority and are expecting to be cleared shortly.

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