Roysambu Economy Under Threat After Paypal Commits to End Relations with Assignment Websites

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The rough patch of transitioning from campus into the job market has hurt many Kenyan graduates. But ends have to be me and dreams harbored must come to life come what may. To beat frustrations that come with tarmacking and unemployment, most graduates have found refuge in Academic Essay firms which is now under threat by the UK government.

Kenya was recently listed by the UK as the leading black market for academic cheating by its students as thousands of jobless graduates in the country have been footing their bills by doing assignments for lazy university students in the UK.

“Kenya is the hotbed where the writing happens. There is high unemployment and a job working from home is coveted. They have good English and low overheads,” Dr. Thomas Lancaster, a senior fellow at Imperial College, London, was quoted by the British press as saying

Since then, things are going South very fast for Academic firms. On Thursday, PayPal, international digital money transfer service, announced it was withdrawing its services to essay-writing firms selling to university students. This follows immense pressure from the UK government, which insists that stopping payments for essay mills would go a long way in beating academic cheating.

PayPal, has been the most payment means for the essay firms. It also announced it would contact the essay companies starting from next week informing them of its intention to stop payments.

“PayPal is working with businesses associated with essay-writing services to ensure our platform is not used to facilitate deceptive and fraudulent practices in education. PayPal will continue to diligently review and take appropriate action on accounts found to be facilitating cheating or otherwise undermining academic integrity. This is a business that operates across national borders so there will need to be an international response,” PayPal told British broadcaster BBC.

What will become of Kenya’s economy if doctorate candidates pay £2,000 (Sh264,000) to £6,000 (Sh790,000) for dissertations, to at least 50 graduates a day working from home?

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