Bashir Steps Down After Military Coup, Loyalists Arrested

Sudan Military coup

There have been massive protests in Sudan for months against Omar Al Bashir who has been in power since 1989. Three western nations, the UK, US and Norway released a statement on Tuesday evening calling on Omar Al Bashir to step down. Bashir who has ruled Sudan for 30 years, was indicted by ICC for Darfur genocide.

“The time has come for the Sudanese authorities to respond to these popular demands in a serious way. The Sudanese authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition,” their embassies said.

A military coup is believed to be underway in Sudan.  Armored vehicles block access in or out of the presidential palace in Khartoum and the army due to issue an address on state media. According to Arabiya Reports Bashir has stepped down following the military coup.

The military has taken over all media, state-run and private; all are looping same “stay tuned for a message from Armed forces” message. Announcement delayed because coup leaders ensuring army leaders are aware & under control around the country.

Major wave of arrests of political/military leaders posing any threat to the coup and the army rounding up many Bashir loyalists/family in Kafoori neighborhood who are subject to corruption claims to prevent their escape and ensure their safety.

NISS has supposedly decided to withdraw its forces from streets and is now holed up in HQs/offices, awaiting clarity of the situation. Khartoum Airport is supposedly being closed an announcement that will be made officially.

Military dictator Omar al-Bashir is reportedly under house arrest. Sudan will now be governed by a Transitional Council for one year chaired by Lieutenant Chairman Awad Bin Auf.

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