Information Bill Seeks to Split Business for Telcos that Venture Outside Core

Information Bill

Communication Authority has been on the neck of telco companies, with keen eyes on their systems and operations. Last year, it procured an Sh400 million monitoring system to helping in tracking network performance and customer experiences.

In a recent amendment bill, the authority wants telco companies to credit a consumer who initiates a call that gets cut out after a connection by Kenya Shillings ten worth of airtime for each call drop within its network for a maximum of three call drops per day except for instances of third-party interference.

Under the same bill, the authority seeks to enable persons operating a telecommunication system or providing telecommunication service to engage in any other business and provide for the separation of such other
businesses from the telecommunication business.

The Kenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Bill 2019, provides that in addition to operating a telecommunication system or providing a telecommunication service as may be specified in the licence granted under section 25, a person may engage in any other business provided that such person shall obtain the relevant licences from the respective regulators of any industry legally split or separate the business from such other business and provide separate accounts and  reports in respect of all  businesses carried out.

Failure to which the offenders will be slapped with a fine not exceeding ten million shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or to both.

To control anti-competitive practices by the large industries in the sector, the (amendment) bill will provide a regulatory framework for such businesses as the proposed amendment provides for reporting by the Communications Authority on compliance with the proposed provision and penalty for non-compliance.

The Authority is determined to raise enough revenues through the licenses, fines and fees, to support capacity building, promote innovation and ensure widespread access to information and communications technology services.

SOURCEKenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Bill 2019
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