10 Kenyan Brands that Blocked their Customers After Complaints


Corporates will throw in the phrase ‘We value customer feedback’ and make you feel that your opinion about their products and services is key in their decision making, but Alas! At the phase of a complaint, they get really salty and flip the script the on you.

When you go ballistic on Twitter over their faulty product or poor customer care services, if you are lucky enough they will resolve the matter after a while otherwise they will block you. Kenyan Brands fight hard to protect their reputation on social media, to the extent of shutting out simple complaints that could be solved amicably. Here are some notorious brands who’ve blocked their customers.


This popular supermarket loathes it when you raise complaints about rude staff.


Aiming at giving quality home entertainment and communication services accessible to a rapidly growing population, Zuku has no room for critics


One Twitter user was blocked for insisting that Colgate is Teethpaste and not Toothpaste a popular term the brand has been using in its advertorial in marketing strategies.

4. Safaricom

This Telco giant went ahead and blocked Kenya Police, an authoritative government body that if feared by many Kenyans. What a bold move, or is it the corporate’s position in the food chain?

5.Chicken Inn

Fast food joints get tonnes of complaints because if the nature of their business. But chicken Inn doesn’t owe you an apology for their poor products or services.

6. Kenya Airways

The national carrier is the pride of Africa, they won’t let you taint their brand with flimsy reasons. Blocking you on twitter is the easier option.

7. Jumia

It gets really salty with Jumia when you throw shade at their dedicated services or challenge their position in the E-commerce industry in Kenya.

8. KCB Group

Just because they allow you to deposit and withdraw money from their branches does not give you a stepping stone to bad mouth them on social media.

9. Pizza Hut

If you are not taking orders from Pizza Inn, spreading the good news about their wonderful homemade pizza, or treating your friends and family in the joint, your mouth is good shut.

10. Kenya Power

Monopoly gives them a seat in the high table, and even if you go throwing stones at Kenya Power, they remain unharmed.

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