Will Smith is our African Parent in This MEME Trending in Kenya

African Parent

All hail African parents. They are legendary in their hardcore disciplinarian nature and savage responses that could hurt you more than a smack on your behinds or a hot slap in your face.

Mothers are notoriously religious, always playing victim and dramatic at any instance of rebellion or recklessness that undermines their hard work to differentiate you from the rest of the kids in the locality. Fathers, on the other hand, love to play moral cops scrutinizing your every move, forcefully weeding out any westernization signals in their homes, and shoving all pieces of advice down our throat. That moment when they back each other up in throwing a tantrum, hell breaks loose. But we love them anyway.

This new meme on Will Smith is our typical African parent tearing us to pieces with distasteful remarks in those full house random summons.

Introducing baes with tattoos, dreadlocks, and piercing can cost your legitimacy in the family.

When mom refuses to accept that she makes too much noise in the whole apartment.

If you dare pretend that you are an adult enough to do as you please.

That moment when she looks for a flimsy excuse to distract you

Money matters take the South road pretty fast.

They fight all night then use you as scapegoats.

Thou SHALL NOT touch your phone in the presence of work!

Always stingy AF

How it pains them when you try having some fun

You don’t play rebels in an African home


When you forget to switch off the lights

Mom will always catch you stealing sugar

Just use her gas proportionately please

No late nights out

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