10 Popular Brands Kenyans Threathened To Boycott For Customer Service

Customer service

The togetherness that emanates from Social Media communities has seen Kenyans through their darkest of times when the government and corporates with big financial muscles have underestimated their voices. It easy to catch the attention of a brand that feels too big to respond to your complaint via twitter than unanswered calls to the customer care department. Just one foul cry and a whole army rants in your defence.

In recent times, boycotting products and services by these stubborn corporates has worked magic, invoking relevant authorities overseeing their operations to force them to respond immediately to the public concerns deflating their big egos.

Here are some of the popular brands that Kenyans have boycotted over bad customer service or poor quality of products and services.

1. Always

When Kenyan women noticed that Aways is duping them with poor quality sanitary pads that caused discomfort rashes and itchiness in their private parts, they warned others about consuming products from it until they could stock the market with safe and quality sanitary pads.

2. Jumia

With dominance in the E-commerce industry in Kenya, Jumia is still not able to manage its customers’ expectation.  Their customer care services have been far from granting its buyers a satisfying experience.


The Telco giant has been on the receiving end with most of its customers ranting about very costly Mpesa transaction, expensive internet bundles that get depleted very quickly and expensive calls across networks. Some have blatantly accused Safaricom of being thieves.

4.Kenya Airways

The national carrier has had its fair share of public disgrace. From delayed flights, insecurity to terrible customer care, becoming good enough in the eyes of the public has been a hard task.

5. AAR Insurance

This insurance company decided to mess with Human Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi, throwing him under the bus over lapsed contribution to his account and Kenyans interpreted it as a rude gesture.

6. Brookside

Kenyans were unhappy with the proposed milk bill that criminalised dairy farmers alleging Brookside to be the mastermind, seeking monopoly in the milk business.

7.Kenya Power

Electricity is a necessity that should not be interrupted or rationed to citizens. In the event of defaults or delays, the System should be quickly resolved before it becomes a national crisis. But Kenya Power is the boss.

8. Standard Gauge Railway

With Chinese spearheading the SGR project and their history of racism,  the standard gauge railway (SGR) line for passengers and cargo transportation between Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa, and Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya was received half-heartedly by Kenyans

9. BlueBand

When  Kenyans realised Blue Band products are not safe to consume and do not meet all local and global health guidelines and manufacturing standards.

10. Bidco

Opposition leader Raila Odinga encouraged Kenyans to boycott using products by fast goods manufacturer Bidco claiming they played a role in previous elections.

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