Parrot Tips Off Drug Dealers Of Incoming Police Raid

Parrot tips off police

An unnamed parrot was encountered by police in the residence of two crack cocaine dealers, perched inside the home. The parrot is said to have tipped off the suspects by repeatedly yelling “Mama Police ” in Brazil language while playing lookout for the suspects in a raid.

But the parrot’s effort to raise an alarm about incoming police were futile as footages successful, as footages of the raid’s aftermath show police cataloguing small bags of crack while the parrot was rounded up by the police for custody with his apparent owners, a man and teenage girl arrested, as reported by a local newspaper

The clever bird knew exactly what to do as the police searched for the suspects as parrots have been accused of aiding drug traffickers.

“He must have been trained for this. As soon as the police got close he started shouting,” one officer involved in the operation said of the parrot’s attempt to interfere with law enforcement.

One of the officers put him on his fingertip, before placing him in a cage and taking him into the Teresina Police Department. Unlike his nature the parrot did not say a word, remaining in total silence even as law enforcement sought to loosen it up to an instance that caused the caused the suspect’s defence attorney, Salma Barros, to be skeptical about the police’s version of events.

She questioned how a bird accused of loudly tipping off law enforcement for drug dealers could remain totally quiet in the police station in an interview. He remained stubbornly quiet throughout.

In 2010, a parrot named Lorenzo from Columbia hit international headlines after police recorded him warning his owners “Run! Run!” in Spanish at the sight of police officers approaching and was found guarding a cache of guns and pot

Exotic animals have long been used by drug cartels as symbols of power or as unwitting accomplices in drug trafficking, including tigers. venomous snakes and alligators.

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