These Creative Kenyans On Instagram Could Be Our Kevin Hart

Creative Kenyans on Instragram

Kenya’s creative landscape is growing exponentially with fresh and unique talent popping into the scene. Online platforms have been the best channel for upcoming creatives who have worked their way up into a brand ambassadorship garnering a legion of followers on their social media platforms. From vloggers, YouTubers, viners, Instagram entertainers, comedians just to mention but a few are among the creatives in the country making the most out of Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

These great Kenyan minds on IG are a perfect way of adding more years to your life with very humorous content that could get you addicted to their channels and pages.


He is your typical village boy from Kitale, with an accentuated Luhya accent and his love for sugarcane, and bananas, githeri avocado and Krisandos are overwhelming. Being a status comedian, Mulamwah’s way of responding to question is just hilarious.

2. Eric Omondi

King of content in the world of comedy has a thing for slay queens and African parents. He has mastered the art of imitating wannabe Nairobi Chics and no-nonsense African parents and he does it perfectly.

3. Terence Creative alias Kamami

If you are no friends with those housewives who eat gossip for diet, Terence creative could be your possible alternatives. He gives us snippets of lethal gossips and malicious rumours and peers influence decisions, that idle housewives love to engage in often.

4. Natalie Githinji

If she is not being caught in class making noise, cheating in exams, arguing with teachers or quarrelling with prefects, she is in the principals’ office summoned over indiscipline cases and being threatened with expulsion or suspension. She is that typical stubborn high school girl, whom adolescence is taking a toll on.

5. Njugush

From their viral videos, Njugush and his lovely wife Wakavinye, always throw us back to those neighbours who love to talk big only to realize that they are pathological liars trying to find an indirect way into your wallet.

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Pale high school…motivation 101 come with your notebooks!!!!

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6. Seth Gor

His facial reaction to certain responses in a conversation will crack you up. Seth’s humour prevails in his ironical way of viewing societal notions.

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7. Kartelo Mzaga Mpole

He starts his conversation with the phrase Oya oya, introducing you to this ghetto world, that is full of Jamaican fanatics, hardcore Kayole sheng intertwined with humorous Swahili and English words that could leave you in stitches.

8. Flaqo Raz

I don’t know how he does it, but Flaqo can pull a Khaligraph Jones, Eko Dydda, Bahati, Nyashinski, and badass Kenyan mothers who go ham on their kids over small favours.

9. Chebet Ronoh

She is the mother of humour. Ronoh will cheer you up with those high school memories that stressed out, only to realize that it was not worth the trouble.

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Nkt hata kingereza haijanisaidia

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10. George Kimani

He brings out these high-end boujee girls with heavy accents, obsession with bad boys, crazy addictive friends, who are head over heels to get attention from the world.

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@pascaltokodi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ season 2?

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