Ugandan Explorer Discovers River Gulu in London and We’re all Here for it.

Sir Milton,

Remember the great explorers of Africa in history classes back in the day. The likes of David Livingstone, Vasco Dagama, Ludwig Krapf, John Rebman among others?

A Ugandan man has joined the bandwagon in his new discovery in London. Milton Allimadi last week made a nature discovery in London, UK and took it upon himself to give the natural resource a proper name and shared a photo on his Facebook account of his historic moment.

Just like his formers, Allimadi learned from the best of American and European explorers who have in the past claimed to have made discoveries in Africa riding on their usual narrative that the locals are ignorant about the natural resources around them.

“I discovered the river you see behind me here in London. I don’t know what the natives call it but I gave it a proper name — River Gulu. Like Sir Samuel Baker you can now call me Sir Milton… Who discovered River Gulu in London,” he wrote.

At the background of the photo stood the river he discovered in the heart of the Queen’s Land and named it River Gulu which was popularly known as River Thames.

Allimidi’s discovery thrilled the online community, who could not stop congratulating him for his discovery, making River Gulu, a name borrowed from a village in Uganda trend on twitter. Wikipedia went ahead to name Sir Milton of House Allimadi who discovered River Gulu.

The Ugandan explorer went ahead to thank the online community for letting the world know about his discovery, revealing that he has plans to write a journal on river Gulu are underway.

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