Woman Spends Jackpot Money on Cosmetic Surgery, Doesn’t Live to Enjoy it

cosmetic Surgery
Melissa After Cosmetic Surgery

Melissa Ede a former taxi driver who won a mega jackpot on a scratchcard in 2017 worth £4,000,000 and spent a chunk of that money on cosmetic works only to look the same has kicked the bucket.

Her sudden demise came a week after she showed major signs of a heart attack with crushing chest pains that left her unable to breathe a health scare that got her into deep thoughts about her life.

” It does make you think. While I was laid on the bed with ambulance people around me, you do start to think “s**t what is this all about?. What am I doing, I have just won £4m and I’m going to peg it? I need to be doing more in life. I need to start doing some of the things I have never had the chance to do while I can. I am sat here now thinking how lucky I am. Maybe it is a wake-up call to take better care of myself,” she said after surviving the attack.

A few months ago, Melissa unveiled her new look to the world noting that she sent a whopping £50,000 and she felt ‘more beautiful than ever’ after having cosmetic work done and that the process and the amount spent on it is totally worth it. In January she had undergone a grueling nine-hour dental procedure to rework her dental formula and put it in the right shape and some more fillers in her lips and cheeks.” she said.

Hours before her passing, Melissa revealed that she had her lungs x-rayed, several blood tests and her heart monitored during a five-hour stay in the hospital. According to sources, plans are underway for her funeral.