Law Society of Kenya Reiterates Court Position on Huduma Namba and Housing Levy

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These last couple of months have been easy for Kenyans. Jumping from the proposed house levy into Huduma Namba deadline makes one wonder what on earth the Court of Kenya and others human rights activists are doing to help a common mwananchi who is getting swallowed up in this overwhelming decisions by the government. But the Law Society of Kenya had something to say.

Commenting on the press release dated 13th May 2019, issued by the Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government informing Kenyans that the deadline for the mass registration exercise for
Huduma Namba is Saturday 18th May 2019, Law of Kenya Society has advised the public to stick to the court orders in a press statement.

According to the court orders, registration for Huduma Namba is not mandatory and the Government should not force anyone to acquire one. In addition, the Government should not set any deadlines for registration of Huduma Namba and one should be denied any government services for failing to register.

On the notice issued by the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works in conjunction with the Kenya Revenue Authority 16th April 2019 informing employers that the first contribution for the Housing Fund Levy is due by 9th May 2019, LSK affirmed the public matter is still subject of Court proceedings.

The court granted conservatory and injunction orders prohibiting the government from affecting the
housing levy pending the hearing and determination of the case in court directing that the hearing shall be on 25th of June, 2019.

Members of the public have been urged not to feel threatened, harassed, penalized or victimized in any way, shape or form for failing to remit the same as it is illegal, improper and an affront to the Constitution for the Ministry to purport to effect payment of said levy in the prevailing circumstances according to a press statement by LSK.

LSK has urged the Government to fast track the finalization of the Data Protection Bill 2018 that is long overdue and encourage public participation to ensure concerns are articulated by law.

SOURCELSK press statement
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