This Woman Set to Pray for Kambua a Year Ago After Cyber Bully Incident

Kambua pregnant

Gospel singer and ex Kubamba hostess Kambua, could not hide the joy of her womb being fruitful after being childless for seven years in marriage, a situation that made her a victim of cyberbullying.

Kambua took to her social media to break the good news to her fans. In the heartwarming post, she shared a photo of her protruding baby bump. Celebrities and fans swarmed her account with congratulatory messages in her comment section, with a chunk of them uploading her post on their timelines and retweeting the good news.

But one 23-year-old Sarah Otieno Julu was more than excited after her intercession prayers in May 2018 for Kambua to get pregnant even though she did not know her in person got answered a year later.

” I used to see her face cyber bully. I’m a woman and seeing a woman face such due to lack of a child, it pained me a lot. I felt it. I wish I knew her in person. The best I could do silently was to pray for her. That was the best way I could stand with her being her greatest fan,” she said on facebook feeling more than happy to see Kambua pregnant which confirm that God is indeed powerful.

Speaking on cyberbullying on Citizen TV, Kambua mentioned that she lived in fear because everyone was harshly reminding her that she is childless, some mean enough to throw in very hurting worlds. But with time she got over it and learnt to stay strong and turn to her God.

“I could tweet about anything and someone would ask, utazaa llini and then it would start a whole conversation. There is nothing that I have not been told about that issue, from you must have aborted many children, go get yourself checked, to who bewitched you, a lot of nasty stuff. When they are done with you on twitter they follow you on Instagram and then on facebook and sometimes it has felt like the world is caving in on me. The first time it happened I didn’t want to engage with the public, I felt that everywhere I go people are talking about me and I was living in a lot of fear, but I got over it, ‘ she opened up.

It must have been really tough for her but the long stretch is over. Congratulations Kambua.

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