Millions Will Still go Back to Huduma Namba Queues

Huduma Namba queues

You might have to queue again to apply for Huduma Namba. Addressing a press conference on Thursday, government spokesperson Colonel Cyrus Oguna noted that among the 36 million Kenyans who have registered for Huduma Namba, the many who gave out the wrong information might have to go through the application process over again.

“When the mass registration comes to an end on Saturday, what will happen thereafter is the process of cleaning the data; there will be some areas that the data may look same or maybe it was not entered properly. So you may have registered, yes, but in the process of cleaning data, then you’re found to have either given the wrong I.D (national identification) number or the wrong number of your birth certificate, then they would be communicated to go and register afresh,” said Colonel Oguna.

Those who will be contacted over the matter will have to seek help from their assistant Chiefs together with those who will not have registered for Huduma Number just yet as the responsibility will be transferred to their offices.

“The only problem with that – and that’s why we’re asking that all of us should be able to take advantage of this window before it closes because there’ll be no extension – is that the Assistant Chief will have other responsibilities so they’ll not give you a priority,” he added.

Although according to the court orders, registration for Huduma Namba is not mandatory, the Government should not force anyone to acquire on set any deadlines for registration of Huduma Namba and one should be not denied any government services for failing to register, the turn out for the registration as been massive.

The government was forced to extend the process by a week, dating the deadline to 25 May, and Kenyans are still queuing at the stations to get Huduma Namba lest the get locked out of it.

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