Kenyan Journalist Larry Madowo Eats the Rat on the Highway

Larry eats mice

Kenyan journalist and the BBC Africa Business Editor Larry Madowo is a man full of surprises. He shared a video of himself eating a mouse on the roadside in Malawi.

Larry, a little uncertain about his decision, gives his delicacy a closer look, before going ahead to take a bite to confirm his fears. According to the journalist, the dried mice which are eaten in whole with their skin tasted like chicken and was quickly reminded his fans that mice are not rats.

The journalist was on ground covering Malawi elections, whom together with his crew took some time off to interact with a mice seller along the road.

Locally known as Kapuku, cooked salted or dried field mice, locally known as Kapuku are a popular delicacy are spiked, stuck together and sold in markets and roadside stalls in Malawi. The mice are usually hunted in maize fields after harvest when they fatten after feeding on grass, fruits, and the maize grains.

Normally young boys chase the mice through the field till they catch them but some Malawians have come up with innovative ways of trapping the rodents. Alternatively, some locals dig a hole and put pots filled with water into them. Smearing the mouth of the pot with fried corn husks attracts the mice and during the scramble, some fall into the pot and drown, according to locals.

Here are some hilarious reactions to Larry eating mice by the roadside in Malawi, a decision that has left a number of Kenyans perplexed since mice are deemed to be destructive and pesty in our culture and nothing close to a delicacy.