Kenya Government Denounces Marijuana License an American Firm Claims to Possess

License Cannabis

Kenyan law is very clear about possession, cultivation or trafficking Marijuana in any of its many forms without a valid license. One risks a jail term or a heavy fine for dealing in the narcotics.

Medicines and Related Substances Control Act Section 22A reads: thou shall not acquire, use, possess, manufacture or supply narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances unless thou has been issued with a permit by the Director-General for such acquisition, use, possession, manufacture, or supply.

A New York-based firm is claiming to have been granted a license to cultivate marijuana in a 500-acre firm in Kenya. In a statement of disclosure to shareholders, GoIP Global Inc, which is listed on the OTC Markets of New York indicated that it had received an interim license from the Ministry of Agriculture allowing cultivation of the prohibited crop.

“After visiting Kenya and meeting with officials in the country, I am very excited about the prospects this agreement (license) brings to our company. This is the first of several critical transactions that will transform GoIP into a relevant member of the burgeoning cannabis industry. The lease term will be for 25 years and Kenya being on the Equator provides the best conditions for all-year-round production,” said company chairman Ike Sutton in the statement dated March 7.

The anticipated harvests, the firm said, would be exported to European Union countries and Canada so as to meet the rising demand for cannabis, both for medicinal and leisure purposes.

But the government denied issuing such a license to GoIP Global Inc, to cultivate marijuana in the country. Agricultural Research Principal Secretary Hamadi Boga said he is not aware of any license issued to the company on the matter.

“I am not aware of the licensing of the said firm to grow marijuana. As you are aware, cannabis is not in the list of crops that we currently regulate,” said Prof Boga.

GoIP Global Inc will have to find an explanation to its shareholders about this botched investment plan.