Governor Sonko Demolishes Pimp My Ride over Personal Feud

Pimp My Ride Faces another demolition

A Business establishment along Kenyatta Avenue in the Central Business District (CBD) that housed stalls, Pimp My Ride a car wash and a car park built on land previously occupied by Simmers Club is no more. The establishment was demolished on Monday Morning by the City Hall Officials on Governor Sonko’s order.

On Saturday, a video of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was recorded threatening that the car wash business sitting on that land which did not have planning approval and would be brought down following a recent land dispute that houses a church and a school in Buruburu which with a Nairobi businessman who owns the establishment.

“After calling the OCPD, he called me and we know him, they have car wash business at the previous Simmers club area without approval. His car wash will be demolished the same way he has demolished the school,” the Governor was heard saying

True to his threats, County government bulldozers brought down the renown Pimp My Ride car wash and accessories shed at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Mundi Mbingu Street. According to the Manager of Pimp My Ride, James Saitoti, said they had not been served with any notices of eviction or court order prior to the demolitions, adding that some of their employees have also been arrested.

Traders at the site of demolition the traders reported that the City Hall officials arrived at the establishment at about 9:30 am and commenced their demolitions, claiming that they are acting on the direction of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

The Nairobi businessman on Saturday is said to have sent goons armed with machetes at the church where school children were learning and started to demolish it on Saturday. When Governor Mike Sonko arrived at the scene after some time, the goons pelted stones at him and his convoy, forcing security detail to fire in the air to disperse the rowdy group. The goons reportedly claimed to have a court order.

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