South Africa’s Top MEME Politician Fikile Mbalula is Back in Circulation

SA Minister of Twitter Fikile Mbaluka

The Donald Trump of South Africa Twitter Fikile Mbalula is back in the game.  His online reputation precedes him and many have branded him all sort of names from Razzmatazz, Mbaweezy, Mbaks, Fiks, Mr Fearfokkol, to South Africa’s The Minister of Twitter.

Despite his itchy Twitter fingers, Mbalula is quite a character, a brain and humour entwined. In 2009, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Police in the cabinet of Jacob Zuma and later became the Minister of Sport and Recreation after President Jacob Zuma reshuffled his cabinet. When Cyril Ramaphosa took over Jacob Zuma he made a late-night Cabinet reshuffle announcement which resulted in the two national executives being booted out, that saw Mbalua step down from his position in 2018.

But Ramaphosa recently announced his new cabinet after another reshuffle, reinstating Mbalula as The Minister of Transport and South African are excited because Twitter is about to blow up with Mbalula’s daily drops of laughter just like in the old days.

With over one million followers on Twitter, Mbalula has mastered his “social media public relations strategy” gauging from his entertaining, life-giving and laugh-inducing tweets. Here are some of the moments that he killed it on Twitter with controversial statements, trolls and hilarious tweets.

1. Drake and Meek Mill beef back in 2015

When Meek Mill alleged that Drake didn’t write his own lyrics. Mbalula poked his nose into the drama.

@MeekMill you can come to South Africa to our first NBA match on Africa soil and respond to

— RSA Min of Sport (@MbalulaFikile) July 29, 2015

He went ahead to welcome Meek Mill and went ahead to rename him, and criticized his disses to Drake.

2. Without mincing his words.

Mbalula wrote a letter to SA’s finance minister calling him arrogant and an “attention-seeking drama queen”. The minister dismissed him as a “self-appointed spokesperson of the national democratic revolution”. He went for the rector of the University of South Africa saying he had “made a clown of himself by his overzealous confusion and comical postulations” after he expressed criticism of Zuma. 1n 2016, he suspended the privileges of SA Rugby, Cricket South Africa and Athletics SA from bidding for international tournaments due to lack of transformation.

3.When he could not keep calm after he won Beyonce’s Nae Nae Dance.
4.Rugby World Cup 2015

When South Africa beat Wales 23-19 in the Rugby World Cup 2015, Quater Finals and thrashed USA 64-O IN Rugby World Cup 2015, his trolls came in hot and hurtful.

5. And this 

Do I look like your Uber Driver?

— RSA Min of Sport (@MbalulaFikile) October 9, 2015

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