Donald Trump’s New Hairstyle Makes Him Look Normal, and That’s Strange

Donald Trump's slicked back hairstyle

Donald Trump’s new slicked-back hairstyle quite caught the eye of many who know him for his signature windswept hair. As expected, Twitter was quick to notice his new hairstyle, ahead of his visit to Britain to be hosted and lavishly feted by the royal family for the official state visit from the United States.

Trump showed the world his new look in an unscheduled visit to McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, to pray for the community and the twelve people who were killed in the Virginia Beach shooting on May 31. He walked on stage and removed a white baseball cap from his head to reveal a new slicked-back hairstyle, and folks could not just keep calm.

And the question that was asked over and over on Twitter was: “What’s going on with Trump’s hair?” comparing his hair to Michael Scott’s in Season 1 of The Office and to Biff Tannen’s in Back to the Future. However, Trump’s hair might not actually be so bad, perhaps it even looks better than his usual bouffant.

“I was surprised to see that he still has that amount of hair. He does have some bulk. If he was super, super, super balding, that wet look would have made him look like a noodle, and he did not. I definitely think he has some thinning, though,” a freelance editorial stylist based in New York.

Why did Trump switch from his trademark bouffant, which Jimmy Fallon an American comedian confirmed really is attached to Trump’s head, and that is remarkable for its construction and colour? Lets just say it’s his golf hair, or simply a case of hat hair that worked in his favour or its a real makeover that is here to stay.

Here are some twitter jokes and comparisons that Trump’s new hairdo inspired.

1.Michael Scott hair

2. It is actually not that bad.

3. Not the first time these two became a subject of comparison.

4.Trump’s version from Back to the Future.

5. They won’t stop talking, Trump

6. How accurate!

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