Aspiring British Prime Minister Wants Abortion Limit Halved

Jeremy Hunt's thoughts on abortion

Former British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been on the receiving end over his view that abortion should only be allowed for women up to 12 weeks after conception, and that he would seek to change the law if he became prime minister.

“These are matters of conscience, yes, my view hasn’t changed on that. I respect the fact other people have very different views and that’s why these matters are matters for free votes in the House of Commons,” he mentioned in a broadcasted interview.

During Theresa May’s reign as UK Prime Minister, she came under pressure to act to equalize Northern Ireland abortion law with the rest of the UK. A group of female MPs told May there was growing support in the party for either a referendum on the issue or an extension of the 1967 act to Northern Ireland, but her government did not challenge the ban.

But MPs voted last year to force the Northern Ireland secretary, to explain how officials could continue to enforce the ban arguing that the abortion ban was incompatible with human rights.

His remarks did not augur well with a number of social media users a majority being women with a feminist attitude, who felt that their women’s rights were being a subject of unnecessary manly opinion.

The Labour MP and women’s rights campaigner Jess Phillips said: “Did this one say he was a feminist? It’s hard to keep up with who’s on drugs and who pretends to care about women. Jeremy Hunt, how about we base this stuff on evidence and science and keep what you think is best based on no experience out of this?”

“It is incredibly alarming to see the former health secretary and a candidate in the race to be the next prime minister hold such a view,’ she said. Rather than attacking the women’s rights we already have in some parts of the UK, the Tories should be fighting for them to be equal in Northern Ireland. So far the Tory leadership race has shown how out of touch many of those putting themselves forward are. The Liberal Democrats demand better for the UK and think that women across the UK, especially in Northern Ireland, deserve better,” ranted Christine Anne Jardine is a Scottish Liberal Democrat politician.