Strong Winds: Kenya Warns Against Small Craft in Coast

Small Craft advisory

All boaters are advised to take appropriate precautions following a Small Craft Advisory. Through the Ministry of forestry and environment, Kenya Meteorological Department and Marine forecasting office an official statement has been issued to the public with regards to the changes in prevailing wind patterns that will affect the whole of East African Coast.

“Strong to near Gale Winds with high seas of 3.0 or above is expected to prevail across Kenya and East Africa Coast waters, from Monday 10th to 16th June 2019. Small Craft Advisory is in effect until 11 pm local time Sunday 6th. Winds are expected to be Southerlies with speed of 12 to 17 m/s  swells up to 3.0m near shore and waves above 3.0m high seas are expected.

“Precautionary actions: A small craft advisory means that wind of 11 to 17 m/s and heights above 2.5m are expected to be disastrous for small crafts (fishing boats, kayaks, surf boat trawlers, etc) navigations during this sea conditions should be avoided,” reads the official statement.

Ideally, a Small Craft Advisory is issued by the National Weather Service as a warning when winds have reached dangerous speeds. Sustained wind speeds that govern the issuance of a Small Craft Advisory vary depending on geographical areas.

The National Weather Service does not specifically define a Small Craft with regards to the size of the boat. Experience of the operator, type, and size of the boat and the overall condition of the boat are all factors that should be considered. Special marine warnings are broadcasted when the observed or forecast winds are part of a storm system that is expected to last longer than 2 hours.

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