Man Robbing Two Banks With An Avocado Should Be The End of Avocado Wars

Man robs bank with avocado

An unidentified 47-year-old risked a couple of years behind bars when his appetite for money grew a little out of proportion. He walked into a branch of the Postal Bank in a Beersheba, Israel shopping mall and gave the teller a misspelt note demanding for all of the money in the drawer.

He insisted that he would throw the small object he held in his right hand that looked like a grenade if the teller did not do as he had told her to. The teller deliberately handed him US $4,475 in cash, and as confidently as he walked into the bank, he walked away and out of the building.

Excited that his trick worked, he pulled the same move again five days later, in a different Postal Bank branch, carrying his small black object, threating to throw the grenade if the teller did not empty the contents of the drawer for him. This time around he made away with (US $3,356).

He had it well-planned approaching bank counters with his wide-brimmed hat and that barely exposed his face.  But his cell phone became the death of him. His phone’s geolocation data snitched, and police officers were able to identify him, trace him and put him under arrest. The lad had a criminal record and had already served three years in prison for a previous robbery. With his avocado pimped to look like a grenade, he would have made away, filthy rich, without police trailing him, eave the country and start a life elsewhere. But Alas!

Criminals have used more conventional-looking fruits in attempted robberies. Bananas have become quite popular. A man in Philadelphia robbed a convenience store, with a banana in the pocket of his hoodie as a gun. His lucky arse made away with an undetermined amount of cash, several packages of cigarettes.