These Professional Quarrelers For Hire From China Could Make Your Day

Professional quarrelers

If you are the kind that flies off the handle in a snap of a finger, you might want to consider getting someone professional to take over your emotion at that particular moment. Anger is that one emotion that could throw really mess you up. From being charming, respectful and well behaved, to being an arrogant selfish being that scares the hell out of people. As expected, folks will keep away from your quarrelers and by all means, avoid getting too close to them.

Things could get pretty thick for you at this moment, you could get into depression because people are keeping away from you, or you could lose your job because you hate being corrected. But we are all humans and all too often emotions run high. For the many who cannot get a grip on their anger,  Taobao should help you with that.

Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website owned by Alibaba. It is the world’s biggest e-commerce website and ranked the seventh most visited website with over a million monthly visits. In this Chinese marketplace, you get offered an opportunity to hire professional quarrelers who will make you win an argument. The latest addition to Taobao’s varied list of goods and services is ‘quarreling by proxy’. This service enables people to hire strangers for arguing or simply harassing someone on their behalf for a small fee.

One has to search for specific phrases such as ‘???” or “???’ Chinese for substitute quarrel’ to find the available listings. When you have found the listings, you will be able to go through dozens of offers from different professional quarrelers that are willing to argue on your behalf.

Some will ask for information about the kind of argument you want, what exactly do you want them to argue about, and how long should the argument continue. Once both parties have laid down the terms and agreed on them, the deal is made, and the payment is made via WeChat or QQ. The cost ranges between 5 yuan to 20 yuan. Face to face argument is avoided, as all of the arguings is done over a phone or texting.