J’s Restaurant Discriminates Against Locals Because They Don’t Tip Often

J's Bar and Restaurant discriminating on locals

It’s surprising that discrimination is still a thing in this 21st Century. J’s Bar and Kitchen a popular restaurant in Westlands, has had some bad reviews lately following a situation with one of its customers who felt discriminated in

One Monique Kemboi complained on J’s Instagram about how she has always felt racially discriminated in the restaurant. Apparently, black folks are served much later compared to white folks who are attended to much faster when they both place an order at the same time. But J’s blew it off with a demeaning response. According to the restaurant, it’s about the tipping culture and nothing to do with racism. Unlike the whites and Indians, locals are not too generous to the waiters and waitresses.

The response was not taken kindly by a number of Kenyans who opened a can of worm regarding their experience at the restaurant, that in one way or another relates to Monique’s.

“Last time I ate there, I was in the company of colleagues from the UK. At the same table. Orders were taken by the same waiter at the same time, Yet their food arrived half an hour later before ours did. This has nothing to do with tip cultureWe all know what it is,” said Ciku Muiruri, a Former Radio Presenter.

To sanitize their mess, J’s management shared a press release noting that they will not tolerate any form of discrimination and that in the event that the incident happens, there will be a thorough investigation into the matter.

“The leaders of J’s bar and kitchen wish to express that we are committed to standing up against all forms of discrimination in Kenya whether racial, gender, religious, age disability or sexual orientation. As such notices will be paced in our establishment, stating out zero tolerance policy to any form of discriminatory behaviour or harassment of any form from any member of staff, patrons or external security.

“We have always strived to make J’s a safe place for all Kenyans, expatriates and visitors to Kenya. Any incident that occurs within our premises with a hint of discrimination will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with,” read the press release.

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