These Kenya vs Tanzania MEMEs at AFCON 2019 Will Lighten Your Friday

Kenya vs Tanzania AFCON 2019

Non-football enthusiasts like some of us got caught up in the much-hyped match of Kenyan Vs Tanzania in the AFCON 2019. Kenyans were all over social media oozing love and massive support for their own Harambe stars in the long-awaited match that was scheduled for 11 pm last night.

Kenya’s first game against Algeria in the AFCON 2019, was disappointing as they were beaten 2-0 after waiting patiently for 15 years to play in the competition. As expected, social media was on fire, with most Kenyans throwing shade at the team for losing and ridiculing them for not being good enough drawing reference from their past games. Some felt that Harambe star will not live to see another day in the AFCON 2019, and will be sent packing barely days after jetting in Cairo.

While hope in winning the matches ahead dwindled, Kenyan fans had strong faith in their team. They opted to focus on the future and psyche their players for their match against Tanzania. #Kenya vs Tanzania was number one trending and folks all in for the players in one spirit. It paid off very well as Harambe stars beat Taifa Stars 3-2 with Michael Olunga being the man of the match.

As expected, Kenyans dominated twitter with hilarious memes and ridiculous messages to Tanzania to celebrate their big victory. Here are some of the funny memes.

1. Harambe Stars entering the match.

2. Michael Olunga’s sensational goals be driving slay queens nuts like

3. All hail Engineer Michael Olunga, GOAT, First of his name, Protector of the realm, King of Kenya’s goals.

4. Kenyans support for Harambe stars weighing down Magufuli’s boys.

5. A letter to our one and only Michael Olunga.

6.Kenya’s Footballer vs Tanzania’s Futibola.

7. Tanzanians will be exciting AFCON 2019 likeย 

8. How John Pombe Magufulis will be coming to terms with the defeat in the Kenya vs Tanzania match.

9. Defaced faces of defeated Tanzania in AFCON 2019.

10. How many for Michael Olunga for President of the Republic of Kenya in 2022?

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