Religious Leaders Want Rapists and School Girls Impregnators Castrated

Religious leader want convicts castrated

Incidents of defilement and violence against children have become prevalent in Mbeya, Tanzania. Religious leaders in the region have decided to take it upon themselves to be the whistleblowers in ending the menace that is compromising the moral standards in their society.

After the religious leaders keenly examined the current punishments of 30-years or life imprisonment issued to convicts they found it unsatisfactory. In turn, they proposed to President Magufuli that rapists and people who will be convicted for impregnating schoolgirls should be castrated.

This communication was passed on by the assistant imam for Mbeya regional mosque, Sheikh Hassan Katanga through a statement over the weekend at the Field Force Unit (FFU) Grounds here during the commemorations of the Day for the African Child 2019.

“We consider taking the matter to the head of state because we belief castrating the convicts will permanently solve the problem. 30-years or life imprisonment issued to convicts is unacceptable for persons who have destroyed our children, the proposed punishment will serve as a lesson to others” he said.

Superstitious beliefs in greedy men in the quest for wealth has been among the contributors to increased incidents of rape, defilement and violence against children together unsatisfactory punishment to the convicts.

“These incidents are on the increase in the region, but police will not them for granted. Superstitious beliefs immensely contribute to increased violence against children because traditional healers deceive their clients that by committing such crime they will get rich,” Mbeya regional police commander attributed.

Parents and guardians were encouraged to uphold their role in protecting their children against violence, be forthcoming in giving information while reporting any such incidences and be on the lookout.

“We shouldn’t allow the children to sleep with other people including uncles, brothers and even their father. Let us increase our intimacy to children and spare some time with them instead of leaving the responsibility to housemaids,” said a nurse at the Mbeya University of Science and Technology.

SOURCEThe Citizen
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