A Person Is A person No Matter How Small – Wambui Eulogizes Collymore

A memorial service held at All Saints Cathedral, in honour of the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was attended by a throng of renowned politicians, popular businessmen, influential personalities among others.

Bob has been praised for his contribution to humanity that touched many lives and his down to earth nature. Wambui Kamiru Collymore eulogised her husband in a speech by Bob in 2013 to a group of children epitomising him.

” A person is a person, no matter what. An elephant hears little people in a spec of dust shouting for help. The elephant does everything in its power to protect the spec of dust. In a gentle way, the elephant places the spec of dust on a clove and carries it to safety. No one else can hear the cry for help. He is made fun of by other animals and a group of monkey takes away the clove, and an eagle carries it away throws it in a huge field of clover. The elephant searches night and day for the clove until he finds it. He does not rest until he ensures the little people are safe,” she read.

Growing up with his grandmother they did not have much, but the little they had Bob’s grandmother shared with other children who were less fortunate. Wambui highlighted that the biggest blessing in one’s life is doing much with what you have no matter how small.

“Never be ashamed of who you are. Never apologise for what you have. Never let people decide how you should feel about yourself. Be proud of yourself and your achievements,” she concluded.

Bob loved jazz so much that he chose the piece, Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber for his memorial and as a gift to those who paid him last respects.

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