Kenya Central Bank Imposes Stiff Penalties For Publishing Bank Notes Online

Mzee Kenyatta statue to remain on New Currency

Pastor Samson Muthui of ATG Deliverance Chapel – Mwiki, caught the eyes of many in a controversial poster that requested all congregants to carry two new currency notes of the same denomination in order to claim their breakthrough, in what he dubbed  ‘New Currency Dedication Service’.

Little did he know that it is illegal to use Kenyan currency either in a picture or video without CBK consent as per the Central Bank Of Kenya (Currency Handling) Regulation 2010.

“Any person who wishes to use cash or images of cash on any publication shall apply in writing to the Bank for approval. No person shall use cash or images of cash current or historic for publication or promotional or any other purpose other than currency without prior written approval by the Bank. Persons who contravene with the stated regulations are liable to a penalty payable to the Bank of Ksh 100,000 or a daily surcharge of Ksh 10,000 if the breach is not remedied within the time specified by the Bank,” reads a section of the regulation.

The man of cloth took to social media to apologise after his post drew mixed reactions with many Twitterati trolling him for misusing the altar.

The Central Bank Of Kenya Regulation 2010 provides a clear guideline on how one can go about getting permission from the authority to use Kenyan currency on posters and pictures.

“A person making an application to the Bank shall provide; Full name and address of application, Nationality of the applicant, Information relating to the manner or purpose in which the images are intended to be used, Specimen over which such use is intended, Declaration that the use will not infringe the Banks copyright over cash. The application to the Bank shall be considered within fourteen days of receipt and the Bank shall notify the applicant of its decision upon which the Bank’s decision is final,” reads the remaining section of the regulation.

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