Crying At Night Will Cut Those Calories, No Need For Gym

Health Benefits of Crying

When was the last time you cried a good one? How did it feel letting the emotional baggage off your chest? All to often, people shed tears when they are in pain, physically or emotionally. But the emotional bit goes a long way. If you haven’t shed tears in a while, you have been doing some injustice to your health. Studies reveal that crying at specific times in the night can help you effectively with weight loss.

Cortisol hormones are released in our body when you cry. The cortisol hormone is mainly released at times of stress and has many important functions in your body. These increased level of cortisol hormones in our body leads to fat loss. Also, the stress-induced tears help in removing toxic substances from our body, which is good for weight loss according to a well-known biochemist William Frey.

Normally the cardiac muscles burn around 8 ½ calories in an hour. But when one is emotionally stressed, the heart rate elevates increasing the number of calories burned by the cardiac muscles though crying.

The Study further reveals that crying between 7 to 10 pm is the best time to release your negative emotions because cortisone releasing effect is at its peak during this time frame. Crying too much could be a symptom of depression eating you inside out. It is advised that one seeks medical attention from a doctor for the sake of their health.

For those who shed crocodile tears or are emotionally too fortified to break down, this therapy might not work in their favour as one has to cry genuinely, letting out their pain, anger, frustration and sorrow.