Man Creates Own Dating Site After Unsuccessful Attempts Elsewhere

Man creates his own dating site.

Luck can be too choosy at times, favouring one person more than the other or maybe that is how random its nature is. When a man puts up his profile on some dating site, makes appearances on popular TV dating shows, his google play store full of dating apps but still misses out on finding the right match, then the world is left wondering what the hell is wrong with him?

30-year-old IT man from Bristol, with all his good looks and brains, after years of disappointment in getting a simple date, decide to make his life interesting. The software and coding professional has tried his luck with the dating opportunities a couple of times but his efforts proved futile.

“I applied to be on the First Date some years ago but never heard back. At around the same time, I got a call back from Blind Date but I said I’d only go on if I was the guy that could choose out of the three single ladies. They didn’t contact me back. I also applied for Take Me Out as a laugh, but I never heard back,” he admitted.

He decided to use his skills to create his own dating site, Date Shahan so as to increases his chances of finding love after a string of unsuccessful attempts to get on popular dating shows. Although Shahan had relied much on TV shows to help him find love in the past, he admits to previous dates and flings that have led nowhere, but now he is over it and is now working on his long-term romantic aspirations.

“I was pretty much fed up with now what is seen as the “modern” way of trying to date; using apps, having a million to one chance of meeting someone on a night out. And I needed a new way to stand out and show my full personality. I have passed that phase of applying for dating TV shows as I have a better chance of looking for love myself,” he said.

In its early days, Shahan hasn’t had many hits with his site except for a response from someone saying it was nice to come across someone genuine who is not into dating apps.

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