Judge Sets Sex Offender Free, Allows Him Conditional Access To Prostitutes

sex offender allowed to see prostitutes

Inability to manage sexual urges could see one spend the better part of their lives behind bars, trying to calm down their raging testosterone. That has been the case for 61 years old Edward William Latimer, convicted for sexual assault.

A while back Latimore was put behind bars for almost three years for trying to rape a drunk man who was asleep in a park. The following year, he was put on continuing detention order until he was released in 2014 on a five-year supervision order. Latimer breached the condition twice again and was placed under a continuing detention order until recently when a West Australia supreme court justice Anthony Derrick gave him freedom.

He was granted release from jail under a 10-year supervision order with a curfew, no alcohol or porn, but conditional access to sex workers. According to the judge, Latimer was a danger to the community but his risk could only be managed in the community.

“There are adequate safeguards contained in the supervision order conditions to ensure that if the respondent begins to regress this will be quickly noticed by those responsible for his supervision and he will be brought back before the court.

“Access to sex workers will not of itself resolve the issue of the respondent’s ability to manage his sexual urges but the option for the respondent to engage in regular, albeit infrequent, sexual contact should serve as an additional protective factor,” the judge said.

According to the judge, Latimer could become receptive to psychological treatment as he will now able to identify some of the triggers for his offending, most specifically boredom, loneliness and talking to women that he does not know, as he had shown increased understanding of the risk situations that he will need to avoid.

SOURCEThe Guardian
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