Thief Forgiven After Breaking Into Church That Had No Money

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Thieves have always had a thing for churches. Stealing all the money from the church coffers, looting valuable equipment and when deemed necessary taking away lives. But one thief on Sunday night broke into a Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) Church in Nyandarua, only to be disappointed.

He was surprised to find out that there was no cash in the church and he thought it wise to write a letter addressed to the church regretting that he had found no money despite having been tipped off by a worshipper that some good amount of money lay in there.

“Dear fellow Christians, first and foremost good morning. I was sent here by one of your fellow Christians who told me that the amount of money has been kept inside the church. But I got nothing. God bless you all and pray for me. Thanks,” read the letter by the thief


“We found the letter in the church when the police arrived to commence their investigations. He believed there was some money in the church; we have forgiven him. We are praying for him to get saved. He is welcome to confess and worship with us,” said Reverend Wanyoike.

Members of the church could not fathom how the criminal had the time to actually pen down a letter apologizing for his actions and they strongly believed, the thievery was orchestrated by someone on the inside.

“What shocks us most is the confession letter. He had all the time to rummage all over the church looking for the money and then write the confession letter in his own handwriting. He must have attended the church or has an informer. Maybe it is only the timing that was wrong. He needs prayers,” a resident of town noted.

Nyandarua Police Commander said they have kicked off investigations into the matter.

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